About Tony Bellagamba

I am you. You and I are the same.

I’m not some rare billionaire unicorn that skyrocketed onto the Forbes 400 list and I’m not a Fortune 500 CEO. I’m not a prodigy and I’m not some rich kid whose Daddy handed him a million dollar business. I’m not a war hero and I don’t have any near-death survivor stories that would cause me to end up on a talk show. I’m not even a social media darling.

I am the guy who at 18 was chugging beers and getting into fights. I’m the guy that grew up in a steel town where most people barely made it past high school. And I’m the guy that had no “connections” that could open doors for me.

But by age 23 I earned a Wall Street Investment Banking job and was making six figures. At 28 I was a top sales professional for one of Silicon Valley’s flagship companies that hired less than 1% of applicants. And by 30 I was running global sales for a technology company.

I earned real jobs by going through real interviews that required real skills. And I was wildly successful at every one of those jobs.

I accomplished this through hard work, a few ass kickings (both literal and figurative), and by teaching myself how to navigate the treacherous path of success. I didn’t take any courses on how to find a job or how to build a career and I didn’t have a mentor to guide me. I simply pulled myself up by the bootstraps, studied everything I could, and learned by trial and error.

Now my goal is to use what I learned to help you avoid the errors and find the success you deserve. My purpose at this stage in life is to help you achieve your dreams by educating you, motivating you, and making you laugh along the way. Helping you find your Dream Vocation is my Dream Vocation.

If I can do it you can do it, because you and I are no different.

This is my story. This could be your story.